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Soukyuu no fafner [Feb. 1st, 2005|11:40 am]
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I finished wayching the series last night and yes it made me cry. Im not one for mecha anime big robots dont really interest me, though every now and again one come along with a more originally and interesting plot like evangelion and rahxephon. This time its soukyuu no fafner, or fafner of the azura or daed aggressorr. It had a wonderfull plot really interesting and bizzarre, i like these strange complicated stoire. It wasnt too hung up on the mechs of course they were flashy and did cool things and kept being upgraded and were actually quite interesting in design and the way you piolet them. Best of all were the characters, they all interested me such a good varity of characters each with different stoires, emotinal burdens, roles in the socity, personalities and relationships. It was most interesting to see how these relationships played out and how the characters would deal with increasingly difficult situations. One of the major reasons i liked this series is yes what a surprose i could slash it (which is why i loved gundam wing so much) but soushi and kazuki had such an interesting relationship, all one would talk about is the other and wel its easy to pic up on if you watch the anime.